Looking for help with plateau

  1. Looking for help with plateau

    Hey guys, looking to get some help with my training program, currently stuck at a certain weight on several of my lifts and hopefully would like to break through these plateaus without changing up my routine drastically.

    Here it is:

    all lifts are 8x8, sets x reps
    Same weight for every set for each excercise
    30 sec rests between all sets
    when i can complete all 8 sets then i move up the weight

    Splits look like this:

    Day 1: Back
    Lat Pulldowns - 150lbs been here for 3 weeks
    Seated Rows nautilus machine-210lbs - has been coming along, not stuck yet
    One arm DB rows - 45lbs - not stuck
    horizontal pull machine with vertical grip - 90lbs

    Day 2: Chest
    DB flat press - 55lbs, been stuck here forever
    Decline BB press - 105lbs, slowly but surely i believe
    Incline BB press - 90lbs, not gaining as fast
    Flys machine - 45lbs - moderate gains so far

    Day 3: Bi's/forearms
    BB body drag curls - 55lbs, stuck here for a while
    incline db curls - 25lbs, stuck on this one also
    wrist db curls - 20lbs

    Day 4: Legs
    Leg Press - 180lbs, slowly but surely
    Leg extensions - 100lbs - cant tell if im making ne head way
    Leg curls - 115, seeing good development actually
    Calves - 135lbs
    Lunges with DB's - 15lbs, usually depends on how hard the other lifts

    Day 5: Rest

    Day 6: Shoulders
    DB Shoulder Press - 40lbs, been stuck here
    Upright rows - 60lbs, actually gaining on this one
    DB Lateral raises - 22.5lbs, been here 2 weeks

    Day 7: Rest

    Thanks ahead for any input guys.

  2. What exactly are your goals for this type of workout?

    One thing that sticks out for me is the 4 on \ 1 off \ 1 on\ 1 off microcycle.

    Also, you have an entire day devoted to biceps but I don't see any tricep work.

    I would suggest switching that around a bit.

    Also is there a reason why you don't have any type of squats or deadlifts in your routine?

    IMO any type of routine with a high volume such as 8x8 or 10x10 needs only one exercise per bodypart but with that said you would work more than one bodypart per day.

    Also, it looks like your doing almost as much biceps as you are chest and back. These muscle groups are shouldn't be that close in setsxreps if your using the same intensity for each bodypart.

    If you've been doing this routine for awhile it's probably time to switch it up.

  3. Current goals are recomping, and to make as much strength gains as possible.

    Forgot to add triceps, i actually do them on shoulder days usually only two excercises such as dips and extensions.

    As far as squats go, im just not a big fan, I injured my back once squatting and have been scared ever since.

    As far as deadlifts, I usually do lower back work on my back day, either the machine, or on the ground.

    Have been thinking about changing it about, thinking of going with a 5x5 routine possible.

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