Max-Ot during PCT?

  1. Max-Ot during PCT?

    Hey what's up guys, i'm about a 4 days out from completing my cycle of havoc/1-t. I've made some great strength gains and added about 5 pounds of lean mass, but now it's time for pct and I'm ready to switch up my program. I'm the kind of person that gets bored with the same thing really fast and I've also found in the past that working at heavy low reps seems to yield better size gains for me. So for the past 4 weeks I've been doing sets of 3-4 @ 10-12 reps training 5 days a week. I would like to further increase my strength and I thought Max-Ot might be the way to go since I won't have the assistance of the cycle. What are your opinions?

  2. i platued pretty hard on max-ot.....or at least my bench did. Max ot principales are pretty on the money but i switch it up a bit. I do benching twice a week (mon and thurs) and ive gotten great results.....other than that i follow concepts of max ot. Ecxcept i do a like 8 to 6 for bis and tris

  3. did you plateau during the program? if so, at what point? i think i would also like doing chest twice a week. in the event i wanted to double up on a bodypart do you think it would be best to use the same exercises and principles for both days, or do you think one should follow the max ot principles and the other day follow something different?

  4. like after the first month i platued....doing six sets heavy i didn't make to much gains on my i switched it up and did heavier weight and less reps...i did 4 to 1 reps. Then on thurs when i bench again just do a lot less weight with some reps or some dynamic benching.....every other body part i kept the same really......made really good gains

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