Pull ups-something different this time maybe?

  1. Pull ups-something different this time maybe?

    Ok, without going into too much detail, Im ashamed at the pathetic amount of pullups I can do, so I have decided to try something a little different, perhaps not original in approach, but different altogether for me. Im posting this because I would like to see if anyone thinks this idea of mine will do anything besides burn me out.

    While continuing with my normal routines for every other body part, I am going to do pullups everyday, 7 days a week, several times a day, and do NOTHING else for back, eliminating back day altogether. Before the start of any ruckus, let me say, that my back development is fine on the surface, and I often get complimented on the width, and when my body fat gets a little lower, on the apparent muscle development. But I want to be able to rip out sets of 20 on full extension real wide grip pullups, not chins, or assisted or any such form other than the traditional pullup.

    So again, my plan is to do them everyday, in the am, mid day and pm, and possibly more than that.

    Bottomline Im looking at doing:

    X#pullups x 3-5 sets 3 or 4 times a day

    X=being the variable anywhere from 4-10-20 at a time, while the goal being to add 1 more rep to each set each day.

    So for example today I do 3 sets of 5 reps at 3-4 different times, and tomorrow my goal will be 3 sets 6 reps 3-4 different times, etc.

    Anybody think this will work?

    I will still be working out my other body parts on regular schedules, so I imagine that this will affect the pullup(for example arm day, my hinder the pullups a little).

    Any feedback would be appreciated, on this idea. Please dont tell me I should do deads, or whatever, and I did search, but so many posts showed, that I got bored looking for something similar, and decided to just post my plan.
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  2. Google 'Armstrong Pullup Program'

  3. go for it bro,......bodybuilding/powerlifting is nothing more than constant trail and error so if this helps you get past your plateau,...... then try it out.

    For me,.... I would surely burn my self out. Although i was an "everything once a week guy",(now im in DC training) ,..... i still think your body needs plenty of days of rest for any bodypart for recovery. But then again everybody's body is different,... what works for you may not work for me, etc etc. By all means bro give it a shot,..... if it dont work,... gimme a PM,..... im borderline 240 right now,.. and i can hit off 15-20 pullups right now, (back is my fav bodypart)so if nothin else maybe I can give ya some of my routines...

  4. Thanks for the replys, once some time has passed I will post if I have made any progress.
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  5. I think it it worth a shot it's just like changing work out routines doing for 4-6 weeks if it works great if not switch to another routine. one thing that helped improve my pullups is using the machine at the gym where you can be assisted. I would do as many pullups as i could then do assisted pullups for burns out that way your body is still doing the motion but with a little less weight.

  6. It's worth a shot. How long do you plan to keep this up? Maybe do this for a week, then take a couple days off from pull-ups and start it back up again?
    Interesting to see how it goes.
    Once you get up to about 10, you might throw in some weighted pull-ups as well?
    Good luck!

  7. Well this experiment has already failed, but I have not given up

    too much soreness/fatigue by the third(really by the end of the second day) has actually caused a decrease in reps, instead of the increase. I am going to modify the original idea, to an am/pm only 3 set rountine, and if this fails, then I will go to a pm only daily, and if that fails, then I will go to a pm every other day. I will continue to post updates, if anyones interested in progress.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    Google 'Armstrong Pullup Program'

  9. I don't think you should replace your back routine to focus on pull ups. That might actually hinder it. I would start your back workout by doing 1 set of pull ups to failure, then do your regular back routine. Then on the day you do chest, do 1 set of pull ups to failure after your regular chest routine (then do tri's or bi's if you do them on chest day).

    I bet you will start seeing improvement in the amount of pull ups you can do pretty quickly. Before you know it, you might be strapping a plate to your waist to do them.


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