This questin is one on overtraining and motivation.

I have read Arnolds book and I am in process of reading R Kenedys book A-z of Bodyybuilding (800 pgs). I have read the posts on what might be overtraining and what it isn;t but I wanted feedback on my unique situation.

I am looking to transform my body. I have been working with diet, and with anywhere from 45 min to 1.5 hour routines plus 20 min cardio. I have made marked gains only while ON HAVOC and only small gains otherwise. I feel like I am working harder than most people in the gym and they are getting much batter results.

So.... question is:

I have a job that allows me to work "on call" for most of my time. This allows me almost unlimmited time to workout during the day and the rest to relax (or study/research) except for 1-1.5 hours of martial arts in the afternoon. I want to grow and get the mass (lean) added on. Is this extra time something I should be tapping into more or is thr time itself causing me to be tempted to spend too much time and maybe overtrain? I want to use this time to the best use possible.

Diet has been anywhere from 1500 kcal to 3200 kcal. I have made better gains on the extra cals but also way too much BF.

body type is endo
bf% is 28%
what else do I need to post up just ask/

I have the time, the motivation, and have been plugging away at i for several years now with gains that hould be more along the lines of 6 mos or so (except time on havoc - but that is another story).

How much do I need to eat - am I sabatoging efforts there?

Been working out 12-14 sets per body, 2 parts except legs day - once per week and lighter sets once per week at home when not on call.

I appreciate the feedback (constructive feedback). I realize that each persons body is individual, but I have tried a few programs and my results seem to be way to hard-fought.

Thanksfor the help. And note that you are not wasting your time. I plan to impliment the feedback and hope for some new results!