Why the heck are dumbbells so expensive?

  1. Why the heck are dumbbells so expensive?

    I see they are over a buck a pound.... (Hex ones) Couldn't you get them for as little as .50-.60 cents a pound just a year or two ago.... I thought the price of metal went way down the past few months.... guess I'll keep looking on Craigslist.

  2. i know it dude!! i looked into buying Olympic bar plates the other day and it was ssooooo expensive, woulda come out to be like 600 dollars.....600 dollars for a bunch of metal! incredible!

  3. I know. I remember seeing at Academy a dumbell rack with several sets for like $299. The only problem was that it only went to 40's.


  4. It sucks..... My set only goes to 50lbs... I'm ready to move on to some 60's through 80's... I'll find some on creagslist sooner or later.

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