Slannos Starting Strength log

  1. Slannos Starting Strength log

    Supps: Protein!

    Alright, I wanted to do a log on a workout and where better then with Mark Rippetoe's starting strength. This log will be for my entire spring semester. Im not going to be running any supps for this log. I started this a little late (I just finished the first week), so without further ado lets get started!

    hit the gym at 4pm

    Bench warmup
    End warmup

    Bench workout
    [email protected]

    Squat Warmup
    [email protected]
    End Warmup

    Squat Workout
    [email protected]

    Deadlift warmup
    [email protected]
    End Warmup

    Deadlift Workout
    [email protected]

    Hanging leg raises
    [email protected]

    Thats it for monday

    Im going to go ahead and skip posting what I did for Wednesday and Friday since it was the same weight/warmup and exercises. Yes, I know i messed up Wednesdays workout, since it was supposed to be workout B, but I don't think its gonna kill me . Next update will be Monday.

  2. Up 2 lbs since I started this decided not to update everyday maybe weekly or bi weekly, anyway added 30lbs on atg squats 10 lbs on bench 35 on deads, 45 on pendlay rows, and 15 on military press, I have noticed a visible difference in strength and hardness of my muscle, and finally melted that last big of fat on my lower abs. The 2lbs gain is tentative at best mainly because before i started gaining my weight dropped down(as i lost the last bit of pudge) then jumped once i noticed mass being added to my upper and lower body.

  3. New stats are up!
    Jumped up another 2 lbs
    since the start of the program gains have been as follows
    squat +60lbs
    deadlift +55
    bench +30
    haven't updated military press or pendlays yet will do so on Wednesday.

  4. Not much in the way to strength gains, jumped up to 150 on the scale though.

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