work out rutines

  1. work out rutines

    trying to bulk up i weight 150 and am 6'1 my arms are farley small trying to bulk up any suggetsions

  2. what is your age? how long have you been lifting? What is your routine like?

    i suggest eating. You have to eat big to get big. Get a good nutrition plan down pat and start there.

  3. i am 19 and have just stared lifting i work out arms monday legs tuesday wednesday my chest and thursday triceps and friday arm agian

  4. gotcha, so relatively new. Your call but I would consider giving yourself a break every two days since you are relatively new to lifting.

    Also, you need to eat. Post up your current diet in the nutrition forum and get some advice. Figure 1 1/2 - 2 grams of protein per day per pound of bw. Plus get some good carbs in there and at this point I would say eat over your recommended count per day to gain some mass.

    At your age, I think it is all about diet and bulking.

  5. forgot to work out your back!



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