Please help me out

  1. Please help me out

    I've been put in an odd situation with my high school powerlifting team and have been asked to find an 8 to 10 week powerlifting program. I want just a basic 5x5 and the lifts we do are squat, bench, and deadlift. Can somebody write one up or post a link for something like this...if you help me I will be extremely grateful. Thanks! (I need this asap and I also posted this in the powerlifting forum but this section gets viewed more)
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  2. I believe there is a 12 week powerlifting 5x5 split somewhere at the other place. I know I am not supposed to post link so MODS please remove this if need be, but here is a link to a 12 week 5x5 12 week 5x5
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  3. look up bill stars 5x5.

  4. check the other thread you made
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