symmetrical muscle

  1. symmetrical muscle

    ive noticed i have some muscles bigger than others my right bicep my left lat feels a big bigger than right my right calf feels like it has more of a muscle mind connection than left
    are there ways to even out your muscles?
    supposedly genetics?
    but doing alot more on weak spots would that help?

  2. dpfisher
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    I don't know and I'd like an answer to this as well. My left bicep seems bigger than my right and is definitely stronger although I had no idea why. I don't curl with a bar and I never do more reps or weight with the left than the right even though I can so I don't know what's going on there. Left pec is also slightly stronger. I'm right handed so my only idea is that maybe since it's closer to the heart.... something something?

  3. Dumbbells. Strict Form. thats all i got.

  4. for my arms my right is a bit bigger but my left still seems to hang with it strength wise

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