Getting back into the flow

  1. Getting back into the flow

    Lifting and bodybuilding used to be the only thing i could think about untill i had to turn my attention to grades last semester in order to keep my college paid for. I've got the grades but its come at a cost. I stopped lifting for the fall semester and i've lost considerable muscle after coming of a pct of mdrol. I need some help on how to come back into mass gaining like a routine suggestion or diet plan. I lost 16lbs since the summer and i'm really eager to gain it back.

    So any advice or help the you guys could spare would be much appreciated.

  2. dont worry buddy you will be fine.get yourself a training schedule togeher.and stay with can go to the diff. type of forums here for all your needs,training,diet,supp. if need be!..muscle memory is a beautiful thing bro! can/will get it back with hard work and determination!...and patience! look around the forum and ask questions here and there!..good luck!
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  3. Thanks man, i really need to figure out a diet to wein back into my mass gaining diet. Introducing 3.6k cals a day will just shock my body and make me store it up as fat...

  4. easy. you need three things. Milk. Nuts. Oatmeal. hahaha

  5. :squat:haha thanks man



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