Post Workout Joint Pain = cissus???

  1. Post Workout Joint Pain = cissus???

    Hey, to make a long story short, I am 18 and getting ready for track season. I have been doing some light training over the winter but recently I have had some very bad joint pain, mainly in both knees. As far as I know, I haven't done anything differnent in my workouts (lifting 3x a week & running about 12-14 miles/week). I have heard about Cissus being helpful in situations like mine, any thoughts?

  2. Cissus is great for easing joint pain but depending upon how bad the pain is I would recommend that you visit a doctor as it may be something more serious.

  3. Thanks. I really don't think it is anything serious, just typical soreness after leg workouts or jump training.
  4. knee pain

    Try some new shoes, i crashed a motorcycle 8 yers ago and hve pins in my knee, My doc tells me to get new shoes anytime i start getting knee pain, shoes wwear out faster than you thing when running so far, hope this helps
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    Do insoles hurt running? I'm not a runner but when I used to lift boxes all day those cheap gel insoles really made the difference in my old work boots. Later a different job bought me some really expensive work boots and there was literally no break in period they were just perfect from day 1. I pretty much exclusively wear boots except when bicycling but I assume it's the same deal with shoes.



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