Critique my lifting regimen

  1. Critique my lifting regimen

    Hey guys... I'm new to the board here but I've been lifting for a little over 3 years (consistently). For a long time i was lifting strictly for size. Now, I'm more interested in muscle maturity and development as a whole.

    Anyways, I've recently switched to alternating between light and heavy days.
    -On light days i normally do around 16 sets per muscle group (4 exercises of 4 sets). My sets normally go something like reps of 15, 12, 10, 8. Increasing weight and decreasing reps.
    -On heavy days I train higher intensity. Usually up to about 85% of 1rm. I do 12 sets per muscle group (4 exercises of 3 sets). These go for reps of 10, 8, and 6. If i complete the 3rd set ill normally move up weight and do a set of 4.

    My split looks like this:
    and Shoulders/Tris

    I've experimented quite a bit and this split seems to work best for me. So what do you guys think of a routine like this? Im especially looking for help on the light/heavy aspect...

    Glad to be a part of AM!

  2. no one has any input?

  3. I'm currently doing pretty much the same split. chest/bi's, legs, shouldrs/tri's, back/traps. It's been working very well for me. I personally don't have any imput on the light/heavy aspect of your routine as I haven't really done it. I keep most of my sets/reps at 3x8-12.

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