Some workout questions...from a newbie

  1. Some workout questions...from a newbie

    Hey guys, I literally just started working out for the first time yesterday morning. First, a quick overview. I am a 22 year old student, 5'11, 153 lbs. I am what you would call skinny fat, skinny legs, arms, no chest definition, and have a small belly. Right now all I have to workout with is a set of 1-50 powerblocks which I have set up a small workout plan with for the time being from what knowledge I gathered from reading these forums and others straight for the past week. I have a few questions regarding my plan, and concerning the weight I am lifting.
    I plan on working out Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday in the AM. I'm doing 3x8 with these lifts(With dumbells)
    3x8 Floor Press(I don't have a bench)
    3x8 Dumbbell Squats(These were killer, felt dizzy doing them)
    3x8 Shoulder Press
    3x8 Dumbbell Deadlifts(Not sure if I was doing these correctly, but I definitely felt it in my legs)
    3x8 Dips(On the edge of my bedframe)
    3x8 Dumbbell Rows(I do 3x8 for each arm)
    Anyway, onto my questions. I am supplementing with Creatine Mono, Fish Oil, an ADAM multi, ON Fish Oil, and ON whey(Eventually going to go for Scivation whey) Does this look good? Anything I might add for a beginner bulking? Also, I am incredibly weak, as in I used 25lbs for every exercise. On some of the exercises I couldn't get fully done(The shoulder press I failed on my 3x6 on my right arm, and 3x2 on my left.) Also, the squats were really difficult, I tried to get ass to the grass all the way through, but I didn't get all the way down near the end.

    So yeah, I am incredibly weak and am incredibly sore today all over. I know i'm probably going to experience some DOMS, so would I wait till that ends to workout again, or do I work through the pain? Also, should I change up the weights as I move to each exercise? I know I should be able to squat a lot more, but it's really hard to keep form with higher weights. I just want to gain some mass, and stay focused. I am sure I had other questions but I can't remember them now, so I will post when I remember them. Thanks guys!

    Also, I am keeping an eye out on craigslist for an Oly bar, Squat rack, and a flat bench. I will definitely go that route(and sell the powerblocks) as soon as I find a good deal.

  2. rest up. first day of total body is a nightmare. expect 5 days off the first time you do this. eventually, you'll get up to doing this 3x per week.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    rest up. first day of total body is a nightmare. expect 5 days off the first time you do this. eventually, you'll get up to doing this 3x per week.
    Yeah, I woke up this morning and I could barely sit on the toilet without falling over. How long should I wait before I workout again? Till i'm completely fine, or till I can sit on the toilet without cringing?

  4. depends on how much you eat. if you are eating 6 high protein meals a day balanced with fats and carbs, just give it a few days. if you're eating like a "normal" person, give it 5-7 days

  5. total body will do you wonders, it just takes time to get adjusted to what you're doing to your body.

  6. I would say start the whey ASAP and because you are new and starting out I would try some glutamine to help you recover quicker. Your on the right track


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