Need leg routine for strength

  1. Need leg routine for strength

    Ever since I can remember, my legs have been weak. Any time I do any leg exercises, my knees feel like they are going to break and want to give out. Which in turn makes me favor them and use more lower back when I shouldn't. And it doesn't matter the weight. It feels the same whether I squat with 225 or just bodyweight. They have always been like this. I'll catch myself deadlifting, mostly using all back because of this.

    What I'm looking for is a routine/advice to strengthen my legs and knees. I mostly feel the weakness/pain in my lower quad/knee. Thanks.

    EDIT: It could also be poor form. Any websites on proper technique would help.

  2. Have you tried light hack squats? Maybe those and leg extensions to build up the muscles and tendons in the lower quads and knees. Then some leg curls to work the hams.

  3. My knees hurt more when I run than when I squat if you can believe it. Unless there is something wrong with your knees, you may just need to strengthen the muscles and get your knees used to it.

    If you aren't hitting legs 1x per week, start doing this. I used to slack on legs until about 3 months ago. I used to dread legs because of discomfort in my knees and feeling relatively weak with my squat. Your leg strength will increase pretty quickly though. I don't even notice any discomfort in my knees when squatting any more.

    Stretch out real good before lifting, including your lower back out first as well. Use light weight and strict form until you get used to it. If this doesn't work, you might try knee braces to stabilize the joint. It seems to help if you stick your butt out a bit just prior to beginning the squat. I keep my head pointed up at 45 degrees, and that seems to help keep the weight on my quads and off my lower back.

    Also, you might use a smith machine for squats. Your knee muscles won't have to work as hard to stabilize the weight, and you can't lean forward so it keeps the weight on your quads. See if the smith machine helps and if the knee discomfort subsides, start doing regular squats.

    Good luck.

  4. Good info. I'll definitely start going lighter and concentrate on form, keeps the quads working and less knee involvement. Thanks guys.

  5. hey man i know what a bitch bad knees can be. In your case it sounds like you may have genetic issues but here's a page all on squats and form. i hope it helps. /Weight_Room/squats .htm

    take out the space before .com, / and .htm. i dont have 50 posts yet.



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