Need help concerning a friend with mild scoliosis and certain exercises

  1. Need help concerning a friend with mild scoliosis and certain exercises

    Okay, so I have a friend who has mild scoliosis and he's training with me for the time being to learn the ropes and get started properly. He's 20 years old and this is pretty much the first time he's ever seriously lifted weights.

    Most exercises he's doing fine on, and I expect his technique will only get better in time, but there are a few exercises that he had trouble with, namely squats and deadlifts, so I had him stop doing those until I could find out more about his back problem and lifting.

    For squats, I had him switch to a smith machine because he found it easier. On regular barbell squats, his main problem was that when he went down, he wanted to raise up with his heels, and he couldn't go all the way parallel. I told him he could try to work on squatting to parallel at home by practicing unweighted squats. Deadlifts we didn't even really try.

    So, if anyone has any advice or personal experiences with this type of situation, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. * you should keep all exercises symmetrical, with both hands. don't do any 1 sided exercises as this kind of throws his balance/structure off.

    * there are exercises that will help his posture. it won't make the condition disappear but it will strengthen his back and the surrounding muscles.

    * Most important thing is to TAKE IT SLOWWW!!! You don't have to get him squatting right off the bat. Ease him into it.

    Good article:
    Weightlifting & Exercise: Scoliosis, squats and lunges, lifting weights
    Some Exercises For Scoliosis

    Finally, I know people with no physical ailments at all that have terrible form starting out lifting. Bottom line is don't treat him any differently because of his condition, train him like you'd train anyone else... slow and with proper form. Just make sure he listens to his body and doesn't hurt himself by over doing it. If he does an exercise that does not feel good, tell him he doesn't have to do it. Remember, nobody is built the same. Something that feels good to me may not feel good to the next guy. I do close grip bench, but my lifting partner hates them. He's still built well, just chooses other exercises.

    Hope this helps,

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