Dave Palumbo's SMART certification?

  1. Dave Palumbo's SMART certification?

    Anyone know about this PT certification program, its pretty reasonably as far as price and you can do it online.

  2. All I know is, Palumbo is a funny name!

    But on a more serious note, if you're going to be putting forth the effort to get a PT cert, you might as well get one of the more credible ones. That's my advice. Good lucky, buddy.

  3. old, but I'm bumping this - I saw that a few members here had recently gotten this certification.

    obviously it's not nationally recognized, but it's kinda cool to see that a bodybuilder put together his own ciriculum (regardless if most think dave is a douche). still kinda cool

  4. I trust Dave Palumbo's knowlege more than anyone else in the BB community.

    I ordered the SMART training book and will be taking the program soon. I could care less about accreditation. All I care about is facts and I know Dave's course will have them.

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