An evaluation for the new year and goals

  1. An evaluation for the new year and goals

    I made alot of progress this year at least 20 lbs lean.
    Ive learned my arms are big 18's and it bothered me for a bit about their size because thats all everyone talks about.
    i want a better chest, i have a nice one id say but i want a spartan looking chest.
    Ive gained the philosophy of "Go Big to Get Big" and eat alott
    And I've noticed that I have some unproportional parts like my right arm is bigger than my left and im left handed
    when i flex my lats my left is bigger. Isnt this pretty common?
    Ill put up new pics tonite

  2. Where are the pics?!!

  3. these pics aint tooo good just woke up too

    and i want yall to mainly focus on pec idk im new to progress pics

    i try and get a back shot soon its hard doing them by yourself lol

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