What in your opinion is the best amount of reps for parts of your back!

  1. What in your opinion is the best amount of reps for parts of your back!

    Hey guys im new to the forums, im 6'2 189 up from 174 and im 16 years old. Im in a awesome winter bulking phase ( ya know tuna sandiwches, casein protein, good multi, 220 gs of protein/day) and im making great gains. I have made great progress with my back but i was wondering if i am over training my back with 15 sets for shoulders, lats, innerback, etc on my back workout day? Thanks alot guys i appreciate it alot!

  2. If you wouldn't mind posting up an example of one of your back workouts, exercises, reps, sets. It would make it alot easier to help.

    If your working your whole shoulder on back day then thats quite alot.

  3. yes your right it is quite intense but i love the feeling at the end here is what i do.
    Warmup i do wide grip pull ups weighted down with 20lb currently
    3 sets of 6
    Main workout: seated dumbbell press and sometimes switching to barbell heavy weight 4x6
    Then super set lateral dumbbell raises and front dumbbell raises, currently 35 and 45lb respectively 3x6
    Seated cable crossovers heavy weight 2x6 heavy weight
    then i usually finish it off with barbell shrugs etc.

    Note: i do switch things up frequently such as replacing cabel cross overs with squatted barbell pulls

  4. That's not much back man. Just drop the pulldowns and have a separate day, and get deadlifts and bent over rows in there. Rear crossovers would be more for rear shoulder than back.

  5. it sounds like you are doing a lot of shoulder work.

    i would seperate these two, so that you can better focus on each muscle group individually and work it more thoroughly.

    i think that a good back day would look like: pullups, lat pulldowns, any kind of rows and deadlifts or do back extensions. i like to do deadlifts and later do back extensions. i use a nice machine that seats you up at an angle where you are seatbelted in, then you just straighten out your back working against the weight of the stack. they are great for isolating the lower back, i call it the "Loin."
    i think the back extensions might be one of the most overlooked excersizes out there, i do them because i have not found anything that can isolate my lower back so well, and that is an important area that you do not want to overlook.
    you should also try delt flies, these are one of my favorites and again do lots of isolated work.

    do the shoulder presses and front and lateral raises on a different day, on their own, along with some shugs.

  6. great, ill take this into consideration greatly thanks alot guys!


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