UPPER/LOWER switch-a-roo

  1. UPPER/LOWER switch-a-roo

    Hello all. Just saw a journal not too long ago and thought it was pretty good. I think i may use this routine that is based on what i saw.

    It is a basic upper/lower workout (M,W,F)
    It uses mostly compound lifts , with some accessory work where you see fit
    It changes from "power" to "hyperstrophy".
    It uses rep ranges of 4-6 and 10-12

    Looks like this....

    Workout 1
    Upper - power (reps = 4-6)

    Workout 2
    Lower - power (reps = 4-6)

    Workout 3
    Upper - hypertrophy (reps = 10-12)

    Workout 4

    Lower - hypertrophy (reps = 10-12)

    Workout 5
    Upper - power (reps = 4-6)

    Workout 6
    Lower - Power (reps = 4-6)

    etc....etc for another 2 weeks

    After 4 weeks (which you have hit power reps 6x and hypertrophy reps 6x, you switch exercises, basically for a few reasons (boredom and muscle "confusion")

    Anyone have opinions.

  2. Personally I am not a big fan of muscle confusion. I don't agree with the theories behind it.

  3. give it a go and report back, i used to do upper/lower (m,w,f split) for a while and it has merit, mix things up a bit and see how you go, report back your experience after 4 weeks


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