Marathon training tips/advice along with working out for first time in a long time

  1. Marathon training tips/advice along with working out for first time in a long time

    What's up guys? I've been reading the forums here for about 2 months, figured I'd finally become a member. A little bit about myself...Im 26yrs old, 5'11, approx 185lbs right now, haven't worked out consistently or dedicated myself to a diet or training program for about 3 years now. Somehow, someway I have kept from becoming horribly out of shape, but I do realize that I am a LONG way from where I would like to be. I am now hell bent on turning over a new leaf and getting back into even better shape than I was before I quit working out.

    Although I haven't worked out for about 3 years I do have a very solid knowledge base for nutrition, weight training, and supplementation. I have always "kept up", if you will, with my reading and learning about nutrition and weight training. To the point that if I would have used that time actually using the knowledge, instead of acquiring more and more I wouldn't be in this position lol.

    Over the past couple months I've become VERY interested (don't have a solid reason as to why, other than motivation and a feeling of accomplishment I guess) in marathon running and triathlon racing. I'm from the Pittsburgh, PA area and I decided to get off my ass and do it already. I have registed for the Pittsburgh Marathon (I will be doing the half marathon to be exact 13.1 miles), this takes place May 3rd.

    I have never trained for anything like this before, and while I will certainly be doing my own research into training methods and the like, I would certainly love to have opinions from you guys/and ladies here...the BEST damn forum I have ever come across!

    I'm going to be honest, I dont really know where to start for this type of training. I obviously want to get into the best cardiovascular shape that I possibly can for the race, but i would also like to build some solid muscle as well. I know that at first, the fat, not that there's a ton of it lol, is going to come flying off. I guess I would like some suggestions as to how to build and maintain as much lean body mass as possible while on such an intensive cardiovascular program. I was thinking that a solid program (at least to start) would consist of a full-body weight training workout 3 days a week. With cardio (marathon training) 4 to 5 days a week, which would obviously lead to about 2 days where I'm weight training in the AM and doing cardio at night. I work from 1pm to 9pm, don't get home until about 10pm.

    Below are some supplements that I have stockpiled through the past few months (I know that it is ALOT, I had a good final quarter of the year at work, so I've been able to afford these, and OF COURSE these will not be taken all at once, their use will all be spread over a few months):

    NOS Ether
    Purple Wraath
    Animal Flex
    Animal Omega
    Animal Stak
    Gut Health
    Opti-men multi
    MVP/ZMK stack
    Coleus 20% caps (nutraplanet)
    Omega-3 (nutraplanet)
    waxy maize (nutraplanet)
    Bulk BCAA (nutraplanet)

    I know that's a long read guys, but I wanted to give you as much info as possible to start. I definetely look forward to all of your input!

  2. BUMP...anyone? No Marathon runners here? I find that hard to believe guys

  3. if your looking for a good training plan try Hal Higdon, i trained myself for a half back in oct, but 2 of my friends trained for a full using hal higdon's manual.

    I too started runnng about 15 months ago... "just because" now ive been back at the gym for about 2 months now after about a 15yr layoff.

    always say i'd rather have a little size and finish a race half way back than up front wth the skinny guys.

    Good luck

  4. i have been interested in marathon running myself and i find the best possible advice is to just EAT!! i eat pretty much anything except candy bars and junk food. you have to drastically increase your caloric intake to handle the extra stress being applied to your body. when i started out i was doing it all wrong. i kept my body on a 3500kcal a day diet and it tore me up when trying to log 25 miles per week. once i upped my eating i started to see FAST improvements. for your long runs keep a gatorade with you ALWAYS and sip on it every now and then(really helps).only push yourself to your limit ONCE per week to avoid injury when running and try to keep as even as a pace as possible. i remember hearing this from a friend of mine that runs marathons,

    "the first 20 miles are easy, its the last 1 thats hell..."

    good luck and train and EAT hard!!!

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  6. Hey guys...Stumbled onto this in my searching for other guys on the site that are into endurance sports.

    I'm just over two weeks out of my first Duathlon (Run/Bike/Run) and 4 months removed from my first half (finished just under 2 hrs). I'm also looking into a possibly Triathlon in the late summer. And some other races thrown in the middle (another half, a 10-miler, etc).

    As far as supplementing goes, I would say train naturally. The only thing I use from time to time is caffiene and ephedrine (though I haven't used it in a while). You are essentially trying to carry as little weight as possible during your event. So it depends on your make-up and how much lean mass you are holding and how much strength you truly have (in regards to the multi-sport events).

    If you're still on the site, good luck!


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