Tips for a late night workout please!

  1. Tips for a late night workout please!

    I work 10 tens at my job. So if I workout on days I work it's either when I get up or before I go to bed. I don't wake up easily. Even with caffeine I still feel sluggish. I usually feel alert and awake when leaving work. I also feel full of energy after eating all day.

    How could I do my nutrition? Protein shake after and then maybe another one lower on carbs and higher in fat?? I've gotton pretty good at working my eating around a morning workout but I have no clue how I'd do any evening workout. Need some ideas...

  2. Just do a pre/intra workout shake with high carbs and quick proteins and try to have it done in the first half of your lifting. Then once your done with your workout just go home and eat a normal meal and go to bed an hour or two later. I would definitely recommend a sleep aid while lifting at night though because sometimes it can mess with your sleep rhythms.
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  3. can we talk some actual times?
    sounds like you're working out late because it's convenient, but that may turn out to be an obstacle you need to overcome.

    Circadian rhythms are tricky to work with.

  4. I work 8pm-6am. The only reason I consider it is because I usually need time to wind down after work anyway. I always seem to have TONS of energy on my way home from work but I'm always dragging in the morning. I just don't know how I'd handle seeing the sun and then going to bed everyday.

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