improve speed with nowhere to work.

  1. improve speed with nowhere to work.

    just to tell you a little about myself. im 19, a senior in highschool. im 5'10'' 215lbs. i play outside linebacker and full back. for the most part im being recruited at both positions. long story short, im goin to be playing football next year somewhere in college. my lifts are: squat-510. bench-330. clean-315. 40-4.75. vertical- 31. i work out 4 days a week. the thing is i live in missouri, where its very cold in the winter. im unable to do speed work outside. all i have is the gym i lift weights in. i have plyo boxes. plyo bands. med balls. all kinds of weights. my workout program is not the concern. my concern is working on speed with nowhere to run. what can i be doing in the weight room to make me faster? thanks for all your help?

  2. bump? any help? please

  3. incorporate various explosive plyometric routines, variuos movments using the boxes trying to achieve maximum number of repetitions in short time intervals, incorporate the standing broad jump (both double and single leg) into your routine, and foot speed work such as a velocity jump rope. and coordinated dot drills on the floor.
    In terms of lifting, ground base explosive power movements are the most vital component of building and maintaining speed, as long as they are used in conjunction with a consistent training program that will work both the front and posterior chain of lower body muscles.


    combine these guys and you'll be set bro!!

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  5. would you do this on lower body days? or during workouts and just treat them like a regular exercise?

    thank you

  6. Well, if being big like Arnold is not what you are looking for and true hard fitness is, then I suggest following the suggested guidelines. Do the main page workout and then about 3 hrs later do the crossfitendurance. If the 2 together are to much and they were for me at first, then do the crossfit main page and later start working the crossfitendurance in. Go balls out for 1 month and tell me you are not faster and have better strength/endurance! There is a reason all the Seal team, Marine recon, and army sf guys I know swear by this stuff.
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  7. stretch a lot. Flexibility will do wonders for your stride length/speed.
    Look at the great running backs like Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith, etc. and you will see that they are crazy flexible.

    Other than that, I'll assume you're doing clean & jerk, snatch, and all of your explosive lifts. Get busy doing plyometrics on those boxes.

    How cold is it in Missouri? When I was in High School I used to sprint outside all the time in the winter and I live in Wisconsin.

  8. today it was 9 degree out. with around 3 inches of snow and ice on the ground. no working outside for me


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