Just had my best session EVER!

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    Just come back from the gym. And boy am i happy!

    For the past few weeks i've been non-stop ill. First a wierd sinus/ear infection that had me falling over all the time, then straight into a cold, then straight into a swollen uvula.

    I've cut back on the gym during these times and when i've gone i've suffered badly from Burnout. After a couple of sets just felt dead, not like my mucles had given up, but instead that my body was saying "**** this!" i was getting dizzy, nauseous, depressed, the works.

    This week i've been getting over the last f the swollen uvula (just for the record, its the bit that hangs down at the back of the mouth, between your tonsils) its still longer than normal but it isnt sitting on my tongue anymore and it isnt sore at all.

    I was expecting more of the same, depressing gym session today as i havent been able to eat properly and even went a whole day on Monday just eating 2 tubs of ice cream.

    But boy did i nail it!

    Today felt like the best gym session i've ever had, my PT commented that "its obvious the illnesses have gone, your back to your old self again, i'm really impressed with the effort you're putting in"

    There was no dizzyness, no nausea, and definatly no depression. Even at the end i felt like 100 bucks!

    If i havent already said it:


  2. did u take anything?

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