Upper/Lower split. Advice/suggestions

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    Upper/Lower split. Advice/suggestions

    Hello all. Just some info on me, and what I am wanting to do.

    Age: 34
    ht: 5'11
    wt: 185
    bf: ~12 or so, maybe less
    experience: lifted nearly 10yrs
    goals: add LBM, lose a little weight.

    Wanting a 3 day split (M/W/F) or (A/B/A , then B/A/B)

    Ive done nearly every split known to mankind. Some ive done with good success....

    fullbody routine

    Just finished up a month of pull/push/legs, and thought about going with a upper/lower split. I have always liked working a muscle group 2x in 5-6 days or so. Anyway, here is my schedule that I have setup, and was curious about the reps, sets, schemes, etc. im not sure if i am doing too much in terms of exercises, reps. Just want some people to look over it and maybe add some suggestions

    Remember, im 34, but i feel like i am 21.

    UPPER 1: (chest,back,shoulders,arms)
    chest -
    incline db press (3x6)
    flat db press (2x6)

    back -
    weighted pullups (3x6)
    BB row (3x8)

    shld - standing mil press (3x6)

    tris -weighted dips (3x8)
    bi's - db curl (2x8)

    LOWER: (quads, hams, calves)
    quads -
    front squat (3x6-8)
    walking BB lunge (2x10)

    hams -
    deads (3x3)
    SLDL (2x8)

    calves - seated calf raise (2x10xDC style)

    I would rotate different exercises in every few weeks, but trying to get an idea on rep schemes for some weeks.

    thanks for the input

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    Personally I love LB/UB splits. Although the program I'm preparing for is more extensive the basics for the weight training aspect of it is LB/UB/Power.

    I prefer having 2 of each type of workout.



    Back Squat


    Front Squat
    Romanian Deadlift

    So for me I would have a MWF workout like the following:

    WEEK 1: LB-1; UB-1; LB-2

    WEEK 2: UB-2; LB-1; UB-1

    WEEK 3: LB-2; UB-2; LB-1

    WEEK 4: UB-1; LB-2; UB-2

    Repeat until I stop making gains.

    For me it keeps my workouts from becoming stale. I always choose similar compound movements so the workouts 1 and 2 complement each other nicely.

    The program I'm starting next month actually has 3 workouts each of LB and UB and 4 power workouts, I can't wait to see what happens!

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