Started new training.. check it out for me.

  1. Started new training.. check it out for me.

    Okay I posted this over on another forum a little bit ago


    I have been following Arnold's level 1 workout now for a little over 2 weeks. Its awesome and I weighed in at 152 for the first time in my life the other day. I was at 146 when I started 2 1/2 weeks ago. I am worried that I could be over training but things just feel so good right now and I seem to be recovering relatively well. The excercizes in his book are amazing I have learned so much new stuff lately and have moved away from machines and cables almost entirely since starting.

    Im getting about an average of 3100-3500 calories a day.. between 160-200 grams of protein a day. Need to cut way down on fats though (made up 39% of my calories the other day), but I'm not that worried about it yet. My primary concern is bulking first.

    As for supplements Im also getting great multi vitamins every day, L glutamine, ginseng, Ginko, Fish Oil,

    I am 100% natural, no creatine, no gear.

    The workout looks like this (done almost entirely with dumb bells, barbells)

    Monday- Chest and Back
    Tuesday- Shoulders, arms
    wednesday- Legs, lower back
    thursday- chest and back
    Friday- Shoulders, arms
    Saturday - Legs, Lower Back

    sunday - rest day

    abdominals every day.

    The only aspect I am really concerned with at this point is working the abs every day, I feel so tired out and fatigued sometimes when I prepare to do abs but at the same time I never get them sore. I guess I will start doing them at the beginning of workouts and watch closely to see if the muscles grow. It will be tough to tell until I remove the fat layer covering them.

    I've pretty much heard only bad things about arnold and his encyclopedia but I am in love with it... the 3 day split doesn't feel like over training to me..

    Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated..

    Thanks dudes!!!!

    p.s. before anyone starts to scold me for training 6 days a week in a 3 day split, I would like to know, have you ever done so and not made gains?

  2. IMO you are over training. Your back is being worked out 4 times a week. That means your biceps are also being worked out 4 times per week, which is WAY too much. I would incorporate another rest day as well, or another 2. Without gear, you are definitely going to be over training with that kind of volume. More is not always better.

  3. Alright,

    Yep most everyone on other forums is warning me of over training so I will probably have to add another rest day and consider re working the routine.

    I have heard from people that being soar after a workout the next day is an absolute must and shows that you are working out well. I have also heard that although being soar is good you dont have to be soar after every work out in order to be making gains.

    Which is true?

  4. IMO as long as you are adding some sort of weight or an extra rep every week you are working out and see adequate development in the mirror you are building. I'm not sore after every workout, but I am seeing significant gains both visually and on the iron.

    Also remember that Arnold wasn't natural, so what may work for him to make great gains may not be the best for someone else. I suggest you find your own niche in your routines which your getting the greatest gains and stick with it.

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