Favorite line of fitness equipment

  1. Favorite line of fitness equipment

    We all probably have been in and out of many clubs and have used many different brands/lines of fitness equipment. I am just curious to know what everyones' favorite line or brand of equipment..... I am talkin about favorite machines, dumbells, benches, power racks, smith machines, etc....

    I personally love Hammer Strength. I like their benches and racks and I also love their plate loaded leverage machines. Their whole line up makes me tingly inside

  2. It is weird how we all have favorite supplements but no one has favorite equipment.... Does equipment not matter anymore? For me if a club has precor I probably wouldn't lift their.....

  3. As long as their is an adjustable power rack, pull-up station, and heavy DBs, then it has everything I need. The only machine I use is the tricep pressdown and crossover station.
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  4. Hammer Strength without a doubt!

  5. I prefer rubber dumbbells... cable crossover is a must.... has to be adjustable too with multiple jungle stations at the ends



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