Please look at my 3 day split

  1. Please look at my 3 day split

    Due to the fact I need to work more hours I only have 3 days to workout. I have the following mapped out:

    Wed: Chest/Bi's
    Sat: Back/Shoulders
    Sun: Legs/Tri's

    Wed: Back/Shoulders
    Sat: Chest/Tri's
    Sun: Legs/Bi's

    I am 5',4", 140 pds Age 36. I am about 18% bf
    Goals are to gain Stength, get down to 12%BF

    I am going to clean up my diet but will not be hard cutting so I expect to have enough calories to see some gains but obviously this is not a bulk.

    I can do some cardio during the morning maybe 2-3 days a week.

  2. If you only have 3 days to work out you might want to try some sort of circuit training. It will really help you get your bf down.

  3. there's nothing wrong with lifting 3 days a week, it comes down to quality not quantity

    the o/p can do 2-3 days a week cardio in the morning which i'd suggest doing before breakfast on an empty stomach.

    clean the diet up, get a decent fat burning supp and you should start to see some results.

    diet is a very important and key component

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