Need training advice/cutting or bulking?

  1. Need training advice/cutting or bulking?

    I've been training for 6 months now and have come to a crossroad. I weigh 175 at 5"7 with 18%BF. I train 4 days a week with the Back Bi's, chest tri's, legs shoulders, and a maintanience day thrown in. I have gained a significant amount of muscle and am pleased with the results so far but, I still have a little excess fat in the stomach area. My question is I want to lose a few pounds but with my training I seem to add about a pound a week. Do I continue the heavy training and just let the belly fat melt away or do I go into cut mode and just do a **** load of cardio and back off the weights? I eat insanely clean 5 times a day. Whole grains, chicken tuna guys know the drill. I keep my carbs at less than 200Grams a day, except once a week to cycle them. Even with 18% BF I can see the top part of my abs, but I want to be lean without losing the muscle I have already gained! Cardio .5 miles, 4 times a week cause i hate cardio! Any advice would be appreciated.

    Supplements: On Whey protein: 1in morning, pre an post training. ON BCAA pre and post workout, Creatine 5G pre and post, Fish oil, green tea, milk thistle, daily.

  2. i wouldnt go in to a cut mode id keep doing what your doing but what are your goals here? do you want to cut do you wanna bulk up?

  3. I wanna be lean and maintain what I have already gained. I guess maybe just be patient and keep workin and the little gut that I have will go away on it's own. I lost 40lbs. in the last year so maybe this is the last stubborn bit of fat left. I'm really surprised I look as lean as I do with 18% bodyfat.Lots of definition and even striations showing. My workout partner has 12% and can't see his abs at all. I guess it's the old lose fat and build muscle at the same time thing. Can I keep gaining weight and lower bodyfat at the same time?

  4. MMA monster your about my same height. Do you find yourself lean enough in the 170-180 range at our height? I kind of stocky naturally and so I really can't determine an ideal weight to shoot for. I know I would like my bodyfat to be around 10-12%

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