need help.... please read

  1. need help.... please read

    I'm confused about supplements and routine so I'm posting this in both forums.

    I am 6'2, and went from great (ok... good) shape 210lbs to 250lbs mostly fat (over a year) due to death in family, loss of fiance, being a whiny ***** (hehe) and not having the dedication to eat right and hit the gym

    Couple questions....
    I just bought ragnarok (excuse spelling) aftering reading these great reviews.... but noticed its about 14 grams behind on nitric compounds. I plan to supplement 10 grams of cheap GNC Arginine powders on my workout days (good/bad idea)?

    Right now I take smoothie king protien shakes (low cal and 45g per serving), I take about 2 a day. I also eat a lot of chicken and turkey (lean meat) for protien. Do I need more protien?

    Lately I'm hitting the gym 2 or 3 times a week for weight lifting and 2 to 3 times for cardio. I've always heard high weight/low reps for BULKING and low weight/high reps for TONING.... but I'm a greedy bastard and I want large toned muscles. For a month I've been doing the HIT (high intensity training), you know... pick a weight that you can only lift 12 times till failure, and move on to another muscle group. It leaves me sore as hell, but Its probably not the best routine for me. Anyone had effectivness with HIT? What routine is going to get me big and cut? Should I lift heavy weights with low reps, take a break, and then move to low weight and high reps till failure? Maybe I'd get the best of both worlds then (Bulk and tone). I've always hit every major muscle group in one work out. Bi's/Tri's, Lats/chest, Leg press/leg extension and curl.... Is this a dumbass Idea? should I split it up?

    My cardio is 30-60 mins treadmill with half mile intervals of 4.5mph. then I walk till pulse drops to 140 and pick it back up. Will cardio help me get cut (burn the fat around my muscle) or just catabolize the muscle bulk I'm trying to build?

    I also have a gut so the cardio has to stay. I'm even trying pilates! I have bad posture so I heard it will help with that to.

    If you've read this far your a cool mofo and if you can reply with some advice I could really use it.

    I'm a nursing assistant who works 12 hour shifts (grave yard) but I have a 24hr gym so instead of bar hopping, I'll stick to the gym to avoid alcoholism. Thanks guys.

  2. hi man, i wont comment on most part as i'm a noob myself but i just want to say low weight/ high rep did nothing for me. I think it's a bit of a myth that it tones one up.

    High weight and low rep on the other hand really improved my strength and built me up a a fair bit too.

  3. do the HIT cardio, and a lot of circuit training. if you loose some of that gut, you will have much better results putting muscle on.

    ragnarok and arginine is OK to mix - they both boost NO levels in your blood, so there shouldn't be an issue.

    does that help at all?
  4. Thanks for help

    Thanks for the replies.. Wow, I wish I would have read a few of other folks replies before posting. This group has everything.

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