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  1. push pull

    Thinking about trying a push pull routine. Its kind of based on training for athletes with not a whole bunch of iso workouts. Im pretty sure its predicated on that mens health article a year ago with that dod romero guy or whatever his name is.

    day 1 chest- bench press, incline db press
    tris- dips, kickbacks
    shoulders- standing alt db press, plate front raise
    legs- lunges and leg presses
    day 2- back0 pullups, barbell rows
    biceps, hammer curls, incline curls
    traps- shrugs
    abs on both day in the form of leg raises and barbell rollouts

    day 3- cardio
    day4- repeat 1
    day 5- reapeat day 2
    day 6 and 7 rest.

    8-10 reps. Question is can I who am I ectomorph continue to build muscle on this routine. I want to stay lean and look asthetic but not skinny. Can this work or do I most likley need more stimulation in the form of a traditional bodybuilding program. thanks in advance

  2. That should be fine. Different people respond to different training styles. Do this routine for 4-6 weeks, if your progresing, keep at it, if you've peaked, change it up. ~~freq-out~~~

  3. I dig the push pull, and have had great results. I run something like this:


    change the reps/weights.

    lighter 10-10
    medium 12-8
    heavy 8-8
    heaviest 6-6

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