Oblique Workouts

  1. Oblique Workouts

    Hey guys i need some help. Changing up my workout for some new movements but i can't seem to find any workouts targeting my obliques.

    Not looking to Burn fat there, just build muscle. I have limited equipment. And my college doesn't have a gym. I have treadmill, a bench, jumprope, and i do pull-ups on an I beam in the basement.

    So far i do, Side crunches and Bicycle kicks but i want something that will target them specifically.

    Any Help will be appreciated.


  2. I grab a D ring on the bottom of the cable machine and do some weighted side bends. I tend to have a slight forward motion, not just a sideways granny-Richard-Simmons waist bend. I usually hit them in the 10-15 rep range, and every now and again hit it in the 6-8 range.

  3. Thanks, but i dont have that kind of equipment, nor do i have the cash for a gym. The most i have is enough cash to spring for a pull up bad that i have been wanting for sometime. Nobody else?

  4. What kind of bench do you have?

    Does it decline and have those pads that you can lock your legs and feet in for situps/crunches?

  5. it does not incline... and it did have those pads but i took them off to fit in my apartment... well studio.. lol

  6. LOL, thats cool

    I was going to suggest setting the bench to decline and take your right leg and position it in the pad where your left usually goes and face your body to the left so you should be looking at the wall not the ceiling. Your left leg should be hanging off the side, just tuck it away so it doesn't move. With your right hand behind your head start crunching, make sure you use full ROM. In this position you can really hit your obliques directly. However, I have no idea if you can do it on a flat bench, I usually use a heavy decline

  7. russian barbell twist

  8. MoTIV - I'm pretty creative ill just get a spotter and make a way to get that to work. Thanks!!

    Russian Barbell Twist?? Link-a-brutha up?

  9. No worries guys i was able to find some on the BB website, gotta love that database... ill hit up those russian barbell twists too!!

  10. Dumbell side bends, leg raises, and when/if you do decline situps you can go down and be just above the bench and twist side to side to side to side at your own discretion til it burns like hell.

    Oh, and stuff like deadlifts and squats strengthen the whole core big. The other stuff I mentioned is kind of merely shaping exercises with maybe a bit of growth potential.

  11. DB side bends are what i use


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