High-Volume Lee Priest Routine

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    Quote Originally Posted by faaipdeoiad View Post
    hm im not really sure, as ive never really tried a 1rmax. never seemed to be much point. im going to do back again today, i suppose i could try doing less sets and heavier weights. the only problem is no matter how heavy i start i still have tons of energy at the end and my back doesnt feel as worked unless i hit it from every angle. not sure, maybe its just mental
    I don't think that a 1rm is beneficial, but say, a 4 rm might be?

    If it were me, this would be the least of my worries about having an abundance of energy after a workout...i wish i had that problem, i feel sorry for ya...lol, yeaaaaah right......

    give me that problem any day bro' and i'd love it.
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    I see now that the warm-up sets were not counted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hardknock View Post
    I don't think that a 1rm is beneficial, but say, a 4 rm might be?
    Ive done the 5rep max before...liked it

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    my routine is very similar, but many of my exercises are 4 sets, instead of 5. If i do do 5, it would be a very light warmup set, or a double warmup set like say for squats, ill do 135 twice, for 15 reps very slow and deep before tackling the heavy weight. ill go up to 6 sets on leg press. But usually everything else is 4 sets. Ive been off cycle since last feb. and have been gaining weight and strength progressively since a natty cut that july. But then again, im bulking, Im not cut as hell or really lean, im around 13-15%bf and my diet is massive, and i take 2-3 days off a week with 8-9hrs of sleep a nite.


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