benching shoulder problem.

  1. benching shoulder problem.

    i just started working out a month ago i'm doing about 105 benching. the problem is when i start to bench after the first set my right shoulder starts to get sharp pain. around the mid delt rotator cuff area. my left shoulder is fine my right one is supposed to be the strong one. so when i bench my right give out first b4 my left. which makes it hard to move up in weight and strength. which makes me hate doing chest cuz i can't seem to get it right and not seeing much improvement compared to squating and dead lifts where i'm moving up much faster. probably going to lay off a week or 2 for chest then try to do it again.

  2. if the pec/dec flye machine gives you the same pain in the same area, you might be able to get a sports therapist to put a tens unit onto the area in question.

    at least, that's what i had, and that's what got rid of the pain. i'd highly doubt you got "weightlifters shoulder" from a 105 bench. hope that helps.

  3. yea i get cuff pain too, sometimes. i take a week off an go at it again. but just a week off of benching, not doing chest entirly. go do some flys, crossovers, or WO with DB's this sometimes helps. i load up on cissus for that week to. seems to help

  4. Take a break and than switch to DBs for a while to give it a rest. You don't want to push it to much and end up hurting yourself. Make sure your not bringing the bar down to high on your chest. That will put more of a strain on your shoulders. Goodluck.

  5. i bring the bar all the way down till it hit my chest. when i use dumb bell it doesn't hurt. the pec fly i don't really feel.

  6. try dumbbell fly's for a while.

  7. i might stick with dumbell flys one of my friend said it might be cuz i have my elbows flared out too much. is it supposed to elbows in or out?

  8. TRY to stretch before ur workout m8.
    i had the same problem when i started weigtlifting, it went away when i started stretching )))

  9. Quote Originally Posted by menace View Post
    i bring the bar all the way down till it hit my chest. when i use dumb bell it doesn't hurt. the pec fly i don't really feel.
    Thats fine I bring the bar down till it touches my chest also. But where does the bar touch your chest when you lower it? Upper chest, nipple area, lower chest etc.? Usually people that have shoulder problems bring the bar down to high on their chest.

  10. I don't know how you can put your elbows in during a bench so I doubt thats the can put them parallel but thats only OK for close grip or reverse grip

    Also try doing some DB bench with it parallel to your body...this puts less stress on your rotator cuff

  11. Check you PM's

    Pretty much you should try touching lower, tucking your elbows as you come down, keeping your elbows in line with your wrist, and make sure you are retracting your shoulder blades onto the bench for better stabilization. You would definitely benefit from using a Manpon or 1-2board to help take the pressure off of your shoulder.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  12. Your upper arm should be pointed at 45 degress from the bench and the rack. Your forearm should be at 90 degrees perpendicular to the floor and bar when the bar is at its lowest position. Lastly, your elbows should not go passed parallel with the floor when lowering the bar, further increases the risk of injury (pectoral tear or shoulder joint)

  13. it still hurts i might just do dumbell flys this week . thanks.

  14. I had similiar issues, went to a doctor, was told i have mild tendinitis and that i need to strengthen my rotator cuff muscles.

    here is what i did:
    a) started working out my rotator cuff muscles (they are posted all over the internet) 5x a week. they are very easy to do and you can do them while watching tv
    b) switched from BB to DB bench exercises. DB bench exercises caused much less pain. however, i reduced the weight and frequency of my chest exercises in general.

    about 5 weeks of this and the pain went away. this was in my left shoulder.

    now my right shoulder is starting to feel the pain so i will start the rotator cuff exercises on my right shoulder.

    what i should have done is continue rotator cuff exercise for left and started on my right shoulder.

    the shoulder, much like the knee, is under a much stress, esp if you lift weights... you have to take good care of it.


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