How to get the best pump..

  1. How to get the best pump..

    just found this article and i didnt know this so how you do it, feel free to add any tips or advice.

    "This routine will force your body to new growth by using low and high reps - first you add weight each set and work down to a heavy weight for 6 reps then finish off with a lighter weight for 20 reps. The idea is to use heavy weights to stimulate size and muscularity while the sets of 20 reps create a huge pump and help build blood vessels. Rest should only be about 60 seconds between sets, just enough to change the weight.

    This is an every other day split routine - Workout A first day, rest day two, Workout B the third day, rest on day four, Workout A day five and so on."

    Workout A
    Legs, Chest and Biceps

    Squats 10-8-6-20 reps
    Leg Extentions 10-8-6-20 reps
    Leg curls 10-8-6-20 reps
    Calf raises 10-8-6-20 reps
    Incline dumbell press 10-8-6-20 reps
    Flat flys 10-8-6-20 reps
    Dips 10-8-6-20 reps
    Barbell curls 10-8-6-20 reps
    Hammer Curls 10-8-6-20 reps

    Workout B
    Back, Shoulder and Triceps
    Barbell row 10-8-6-20 reps
    Lat pulldowns 10-8-6-20 reps
    Shoulder press 10-8-6-20 reps
    Lateral raises 10-8-6-20 reps
    Bent over lateral raises 10-8-6-20 reps
    Over head tricep extensions 10-8-6-20 reps
    Tricep kickbacks 10-8-6-20 reps


  2. nice strategy of combining high weights with high reps, good find.


  3. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to GetDatFool again.

  4. Overtraining IMO. If you're busting your ass how is your body going to grow and recover over a 3 day period? It wont.

    Program says it will force your body into growth, but then it doesn't give the body any time to grow.

    Not my cup o tea.

  5. I have always found on my 3rd and final set of an excersize, that drop sets will work just fine, I will go heavy to get a max 8-9 reps, then drop the set 40-50% and try to burn out at least 15 more, and I get some gnar gnar pumps kickin.

  6. If you can do legs, chest, and biceps in the same session, then you're not training hard enough. Adequate nutrition, hydration, and proper technique are all that is needed for a great pump.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys



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