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    Aight so making my returning back to the world of lifting heavy stuff in order to look big, be strong, and tears the arms of of the enemy. Returning from 2nd tour, didnt get as much training done as I would have liked due to scheduling and duties but am going home to over a month worth of leave and will be posted as a Combatives Instructor for the next two years. Anyway, not exactly stupid to the whole lifting routines and supps, I know what worked for me and it worked well, but always wanting to learn more. Decided to take a slightly different approach this time as I want to be strong as I can but fliexible as possible too for Combatives.

    So to break it down, I need all the help I can get. I'll take any suggestions on workouts, what worked for people, supps, the whole nine yards. I am currently 66" tall, weighing in at around 165. My usual weight is around 175 to 180. Heaviest ever was 192 and in incredible shape so I know the potential is there. Reached a max bench of 295 prior to re-injuring left shoulder. Seperated my AC joint in basic training back in 2004 and it hasnt let me forget about it yet. Gotta love cortizone shots though!!! (thank you to the Army docs for those).

    I recently ordered two bottles of Jacked and will be trying a PH for the first time, M-Drol as a couple of my troops have been using it with great results. I also bought a cheap bottle of Tribulus for that little extra juice. Im not sure about the PCT yet, again, never used a PH before. I dont respond well to straight protein so I figured I would just take a weight gainer for now until I got my weight up and then try to find something that wont go straight to the toilet. I used NO Explode and Nitrix, along with Anator p70 last deployment and it worked great. Im hoping I can get even better results out of Jacked and M-Drol with the Tribulus. I am curious about USP Prime and another product called Plasmagen, as I have heard several good things about both. One more supp that interest me is this SUPER NOX, supposedly a combo of NO Explode and Superdrol. Sounds like my kinda alley but I'll stand proudly behind my ignorance for now. I am on a pretty tight budget so am looking mostly for most bang for the buck and getting the nutrients mainly out of my diet as our grocery bill stays pretty high in my house.

    Having said all that, I'll take it all in. The best leaders are the ones that can follow. So I hope I can learn a little from all of you. As I develop my workout, diet, and supps, I'll include photos, stats, and everything. Just gotta get my ass stateside first. Thanks for any info.

  2. You know M-drol is a steroid, right? And just to make things clear off the bat, a proper cycle of M-drol will easily cost you well over 200 bucks, probably.

    Oh yeah.....FUNGUS! lol

    Edit: If you want to PM me I can guide you through. Always up for helping a soldier out.
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  3. Yeah, I seen that M-Drol is a steroid, no sense in starting off with anything sissy like right? j/k How is M-Drol over 200 bucks cause I see it right now for 25 bucks for 90 caps from CEL. I was looking to do around 8 weeks or so of this, then 4 of PCT. But please send me any info you got, I appreciate it all. Can't PM just yet cause I dont have the required 10 post but Im working on that. THX

  4. Support supps plus PCT supps and the MDrol will total around that amount, that's what he's saying not just the MDrol.

  5. Well finally I can get back to this wonderful thing called the internet. Currently in the demob process from Iraq for the second time. I looked alot into all that support stuff. I talked to my guys who had been taking the same stuff minus the Jacked and they hadnt used any of those support supps. I also talked to several friends of mine who had experience with the "needle in the ass" and explained that tons of support supps would not be needed. I hate to shoot down any info but is all that stuff THAT neccessary? I mean, surely not everyone that has used M-Drol has used all that other stuff. I looked at all the forums that I could on this stuff and not one has posted using even a fourth of that amount of supps along with M-Drol. Anymore feedback?

  6. It's all pretty necessary if you take your health necessary. Your friends may feel and look fine on the outside but they could and probably are crippling themselves on the inside. If it weren't necessary, employees of those who produce these compounds wouldn't preach PCT.

    Look around on here and you'll find some M-drol horror stories including but not limited to breast tissue, miniature testicles and permanent erectile dysfunction.


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