New Workout Plan Help

  1. New Workout Plan Help

    Hey so I'm trying to add lean muscle mass because I don't want to lose my current shape through bulking then cutting down. For a while I was varying between 10-12 reps per sets, lifting 5 days a week. Well I was thinking of doing a split like this:

    day 1: chest/tris (heavy weight 6-8 reps)
    day 2:legs (heavy weight 6-8 reps)
    day 3: back/sh/bis (heavy weight 6-8 reps)
    day 4: off
    day 5: chest/tris (light weight 12-15 reps)
    day 6: legs (light weight 12-15 reps)
    day 7: back/sh/bis (light weight 12-15 reps)
    day 8: off


    I know this is different that typical routines but I want to try something new for lean mass. Has anyone tried something like this would it be worth a 8 week shot?

  2. IMO that seems like quite a bit of volume. Personally I find working chest/bi's, legs, back/tri's, shoulders to be the best for me wether I'm bulking or cutting. By doing it that way, you're hitting all muscle groups directly and indirectly on different days. 4 days per week. Just my 2 pennies

  3. i kinda like it, but its pretty hard to keep up with that naturally.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by suncloud View Post
    i kinda like it, but its pretty hard to keep up with that naturally.
    Agree... on gear it sounds awesome, natural it might be over training.

  5. sounds like to much for a weeks worth of training i like freqflys opinion



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