5x5 or a 4x6 workout question...

  1. 5x5 or a 4x6 workout question...

    Ok... probably a lame question but... I've adopted my new routine for the next 2-3months and I'm thinking of doing (depending on exercise and how i am on time) 4x6 or maybe 5x5 rep/set workouts.

    My question is this... when do I add weight? whats the most effective way of moving up the ladder.... when i can do the 4x6 properly... add weight and drop down to say 4x3 reps or 4x4 reps and work my way back up to the 6 rep mark... or do i work it so i break past the 6rep mark on each set towards 8-9, then add weight and drop back to the 6mark on the heavier new weight?

    Personally I'm thinking of going with the first method... 4x6... when I can do that, add weight and drop maybe to 3-4 reps per set.

    My workout looks something like this if it matters:

    Mondays [back and chest]:
    Deadlift, T-bar Rows, Bench Press, Bent over rows, DB Incline Bench Press

    Wednesday [legs]:
    Squats, seated calf raises, leg curls, abs(weighted crunch machine), standing calf raises

    Friday [shoulders + arms]:
    Military Press, close grip pullups, tricep dips, close grip bench press, bb bicep curl & upright rowing

    5mins light jogging on the treadmill for a warmup and then on first exercise of the day I do low weights for say 10-15 reps to get the muscles going and work my way up to max weight (ie deads on day1, squats day 2, mp on day3)


  2. start with a light weight when starting the 4x6 or 5x5, personally go with 5x5, but anyway. start with, lets say bench press, 50 lbs. 5x5 for the first week, on compound moves like the bench, add 10lbs per week. the hard thing is trying to get you to start with a low weight like 50lbs. ego is a killer here, but do it. each week add 10 lbs. in just 4 weeks you'll be up.....how much? right 40 lbs. when you get to where completeing 5 sets is difficult either stay there for a week and then add or 2 weeks would be fine too, the idea for 5x5 and adding weight that way is it's progressive, its very much mental too. if you see 10lbs. being added every week, your mind will be better with that progression than if you slap 20lbs at one time.......your mind is the key to this game man

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