wrist injury... help?

  1. wrist injury... help?

    seems i have strained something in my wrist. doc gave me a weeks worth of naproxen for the inflammation and a brace, so now i get to walk around looking like a bowler all the time.

    anywho... is there any advice to help speed up the recovery process... i've be relegated to legs, abs, and cardio. ugh.

    anyone with personal experience with a wrist injury would be handy. no pun intended.


  2. What did he diagnose the injury as? If it's just tendonitis then get some Cissus or something to help w/ joints, keep it stabilized w/ the brace and let it heal up.

    Hows your grip in that hand compared to your other hand (pre injury)?

    Tumeric root also works well to help control inflammation as does bromelain as well.

  3. he diagnosed it as Tenosynovitis.

    i got this for treatment:

    Treatment for this injury should involve the use of nonsteroidial anti-inflammatory medications, wrist stretching, gentle strength training, and protection from repeated trauma.

    but i'll try cissus. thanks

  4. Once you get your wrist healed up start working grip strength in both hands. Better grip strength yeilds better better wrist stability.

  5. thanks jtp.

    yeah, i have a tendency to over-use straps. i've been advised to build grip strength by a friend of mine as well.



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