My bulking routine... any comments welcome

  1. My bulking routine... any comments welcome

    Ok so I've come up with this:

    Mondays [back and chest]:
    Deadlift, T-bar Rows, Bench Press, Bent over rows

    Wednesday [legs]:
    Squats, seated calf raises, abs(weighted crunch machine), standing calf raises

    Friday [shoulders + arms]:
    Military Press, close grip pullups, tricep dips, close grip bench press, bb bicep curl & upright rowing

    Current stats:
    Age: 20
    Height: 6' or 6'1
    Weight: 185lbs
    Bench: ~180lbs 3x5 roughly
    Squat: ~180+ lbs 3x5
    Deadlift: ~240lbs 3x5

    I estimate my bodyfat % at roughly 15-16% according to a test I did a few months ago I havent really changed much since then.

    If anyone has any critiques or suggestions about my routine let me know.

    I'm thinking maybe to add another thigh workout like leg-curls but I'm not sure. I might do cardio 2 maybe 3x a week depending how I feel (maybe even 0 times a week), basically I just want my stomach to stay under the 90cm mark (35.5" according to my calculations).

    Note: I used to workout a bit last year but took a long break due to holiday - from memory I think I used to squat/deadlift at a normal regular pace... now I find I'm quite slow at it, after about 3-4 reps I slow down and like to take a nice breather between reps, I dont know how other people just do them flat out like you do with other exercises its a killer.


  2. Seems like you have your back covered on Mondays but i would add some extra chest in there too. Incline Dumbells, Incline Fly, Peck Deck. Throw some leg curls in to work on your hams. Other then that it looks like you have a pretty good base.

  3. Yeah, I agree with adding some chest exercises. I'd say incline presses and some flyes. Also, on your shoulder day, I'd add something like side lateral raises.

    Other than that, it looks pretty good. You have heavy compound lifts, but your still utilizing exercises that work each muscle through a full range of motion. I've seen some bulk routines where this is not the case. I try to develop every muscle in proportion to the others as I get bigger, otherwise if I just concentrated on pure size gains, I might find some muscles disproportionate to others at some point.

  4. ah heres the thing
    my chest is dis-proportionate and quite large compared to the rest of my body cause in highschool i had a bench set sitting in my backyard and all i ever did was bench press

    i mean im 6' and are barely breaking 14" arms but i can bench 180 lbs... which is nearly equal with my squat...

    so yea i guess maybe flyes would go good to give it a good stretch... but i dont wana over do it, as long as its getting a workout for the next few months i wana try at least have other body parts catch up (ive been told not to stop the chest even if it is out of proportion)

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