new job is taxing my body

  1. new job is taxing my body

    just got a full time job working produce at a grocery store. It requires lifts and pulling heavy boxes all day. since i started i havent been lifting, just too tired at end of the day. anyone have this dilemma? im thinking of just lifting 2-3 times a week now since my body is just dead and sore all the time. dont want my muscles to shrink tho. any suggestions?

  2. You getting enough sleep?

    I'd increase the calories a bit, make sure you get whatever you need 6-10 hours and cut out all stress.

    If you can only get a good workout 3 times a week then do it, all that lifting and pulling will help a bit.

  3. if you plan on only lifting 3 times a week then do full body workouts. Focus on olympi/power lifts. example, deadlifts, front/back squats, cleans, hang cleans, clean and jerks, presses etc. Go big.
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  4. really? i dont even know if my body can handle that. i think its bc i just started the job, my body will eventually get use to the work but as of right now i wake up with slight back and shoulder aches

  5. You'll adapt and get use to it. No worries.
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  6. Dude, I know how you feel. I used to work in a produce warehouse for a large supermarket selecting produce orders 12-15 hour days and longer when holidays came. I went home so tired. That job is probably more faster paced than what you have BUT you probably should use that time to work yourself out when you lift that stuff. Celery is the worst, 90lbs boxes. Make sure you are getting in your protein intake and then get sleep when you go home. Otherwise find yourself something else to do.

    When you are lifting heavy boxes remember to use your hips and legs and look ahead. Do it as if you are deadlifting the stuff. I think of a slogan from a talk show host.....SIEZE THE DAY!

    Before I started that selecting job(I don't do that anymore) I was barely coming back into lifting. I went to GNC...mistake...and asked them what can I take to build muscle. He said amino acids, but he recommeded some white horse size pills. I was pysched about it but I later learned that it was really stupid advice. They were ok but what I really needed was large intake of proteins which I was ignorant of at the time.

  7. ya ive been trying to be more conscience of what muscles im using when im lifting the boxes. ive gotten more used to it. ive been eating a lot more too. it builds an appetite haha. i used to have difficulty falling asleep but now i sleep like a baby after a days work

  8. Quote Originally Posted by CopyCat View Post
    You'll adapt and get use to it. No worries.
    x2...i work for waste management in the field and lift 75+ pounds about 200+ times a killed me at first,but i got used to it.


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