4 consecutive days what would it look like??

  1. 4 consecutive days what would it look like??

    I have been working out of town for a bit now, and have no access to a gym. I was just wondering if anyone has a program for 4 consecutive days. I work monday to thurs, and am possible to only hit the gym thursday night, friday,saturday,sunday. Any Ideas??

  2. push/legs/rest(cardio)/pull

  3. i routinely work out four days in a row due to time my hectic schedule, my body has adjusted and i like having the three days in a row rest for my body to recover. I usally go Chest/bis/calves..quads/hams/abs... back/calves/forearms..shoulders/traps/tris/abs

  4. i think chest/legs/back/shoulders is a good base.. throw in bis/tris/traps/abs/forearms where ever they fit best for you.. alot of people dont even train forearms, so do what seems best for you

    i used to use that base with 2 days of bis ..one focusing on grip/forearm strength and one day focusing on peak.. tailor it to your goals

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