Alright guys so Ive been training hard for the last 5 weeks... finally got back into it. Finally got motivated and been keeping at it. The only things is I have been going 100% the whole time... bench till failure, military, rows... dips... everything to failure with a 3x5 workout routine... I have also been doing HIIT, which i now understand also stresses your CNS... so this week I was finding alot of my workouts extremely difficult. I think I have hit the point where im over training and need to unload and or chance my routine.

So I have seen several different opions on how to do this. Should I keep the same reps and sets and drop the weight or drop the weight and raise the sets and reps?

Ill use bench as an example. Im pretty comfortable with 220 for 3x5

should I go to 70% and,

Example A:
175lbs 3x5


Example B
175lbs or less 10-12x3?

I also want to do routine cycling. 4-6 weeks strength focues, 3-4 weeks hypertrophy focused.