Weird things a-happening this morning

  1. Weird things a-happening this morning

    I've just woken up (here in the UK) the morning after a killer leg and lower back day and i'm having dizzy spells.

    As of about 6 weeks ago, once a week i see a personal trainer to complement my gym schedule. Yesterday has been the first week he's really packed the weight on (after spending the first weeks making sure he was happy with my overall fitness, technique and core).

    Everything was going great till it came to doing squats and I did more reps at a personal best weight than i've ever done before. At the end of it I just had no energy left. We moved on to some other lightweight and bodyweight lower back exercises, and i struggled big time. Not because i couldnt handle the weight but because the tank was empty, i just had no energy in me whatsoever. It just felt like doing those squats had completely drained me.

    Anyways, i wake up this morning and i'm having serious dizzy spells, i move my head too fast and it takes a good couple of seconds of dizziness before everything sort of 'realigns' and i'm ok again. Luckily i dont have to drive anywhere today but i do have a full schedule at university (college).

    After the gym i had my usual post workout shake, then a little later chicken and pasta, then before bed i had some cheese strings. I also took ZMK (sufficiently timed away from the cheese to make sure the Zinc didnt get blocked). And Prime and Powerfull, as i have done every night for the past month.

    Any ideas why this would be happening and how to solve it?

  2. the first day of doing heavy legs is wretched. i don't know why you're having dizzy spells, but you're quite obviously pushed yourself very hard, and now having problems with recovery.

    with regards to that, i would consider using more carbs and protein (before and after workouts) on leg days.

    if your legs are really sore the day after the gym, go back to the gym, and do your first warmup set for legs, with the most compound movement in your routine - usually squats, usually 95-135 lbs. do slow controlled reps for one set, then take some creatine, protein/carbs and get in a hot tub. the combination of these will help force additional nutrients to your muscles, which should make you feel better very quick.

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