Dont know where to put this but take a look!

  1. Dont know where to put this but take a look!

    does anyone know where to find one of these for cheaper, im transforming my basement into a gym!
    any one got one they want to sell or know where to find one?? - Body-Solid Powerline Power Rack (USA Orders Only) - Workout Safely And Effectively! On sale now!

  2. If it is $199 shipped then I'm not finding it any cheaper.

    Might look into plans to build your own online.

  3. yah its $299 with no shipping, just didnt know if anyone had on they wanted to sell or something thanks for the site BTW

  4. w w w . c r a i g s l i s t . c o m

  5. damn i didnt think of anything like that, thanks

  6. You can always build your own if you are good at that kind of thing.

  7. yah, no not to good, i would be in the middle of squatting and the thing would fall over on me, i cant build a bird house if my life depended on you think $ 300 plus shipping is a good price??

  8. Well unless you want to go with this open kind

    I'll look more but so far this is the cheapest.

  9. Although this place has used gym equipment.


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