Shoulder/Bi Seperation...

  1. Shoulder/Bi Seperation...

    How did you get it? Aside from lowering your body fat, please list exercises etc. to get there.
    My arms would look a lot better with some nice seperation, but I'm on a slow/clean bulk so I prob. won't be cutting any fat. Suggestions? Thanks guys

  2. fat loss is the only way i'm afraid.

  3. well, and water weight loss. basically, weight loss.

  4. Damn...looks like I will have to delay getting that separation till I'm satisfied with my bulk.

  5. cable upright rows, and low body fat.

  6. front DB raises all the way above the head. I like them alot for this. and yes, you can perfect and built the 2 sides of the "line" but low BF will show it.

  7. it really is a matter of genetics first and foremost then bodyfat second, then development of the individual muscles third..

    just take a look at branch warren and his shoulder / bicep separation, then look at darrem charles.

    both are lean, both work out a crapload, but drastically different separations in those two muscles.


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