Help with my Ankles?

  1. Help with my Ankles?

    Need to strengthen them for running, soccer, everything. I know a few exercises to strengthen my ankles, but im wondering what you guys think.

    Ones i already know:
    Standing on one leg
    hopping on one foot
    standing on the balls of my feet and hopping large distances

    Any other suggestions would be great.

  2. Get an innertube from a truck or car. Cut a band out of it approximatly 1" wide. Basically now you have a huge rubber band.

    Loop it around the front part of both feet. Move your feet apart just to the point where the band starts to tighten. Now, keeping your heels in one place, "twist" your feet outwards tightening the band as much as you can. Repeat this 5 sets of 10 reps.

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