HIIT help?

  1. HIIT help?

    sup guys.

    I've been doing HIIT for a week now. I just want to know if i'm on the right track and how i can improve it in order to lose fat and improve endurance.

    In the morning, I do Low Intensity cardio on empty stomach.
    I lift weights 3 - 4 times a week

    On the days I don't lift weights, I do HIIT.

    My HIIT sessions start in the evening (at about 8pm). This is usually 1 hour 30 mins after dinner.

    I start off with a 300m jog to warm up.
    Then I do 6 cycles of
    100m sprint
    100m walk
    100m sprint
    100m walk etc.

    the 100m sprint is at full intensity and I run it in about 10 - 13 seconds.

    so my HIIT training overall comes to about 10 mins or less.

    - if I do it in the 8pm and then sleep at 9:30pm, will metabolism
    still be elevated or will it be dropped because of sleep?

    - Is 10 mins in total too short of a time?

    - Are my High Intensity intervals too short? I was reading in another post that it should be about 30 secs of high intensity and then 60 secs of jogging.

    - any other tips?

  2. From what I know about HIIT, it should be around 10-15 mins in duration.

    Your intervals are OK.

    About the metabolism, I'm not positive, I would think it still stays up, not as high as if you were awake and going through your day, but higher than it would be if you just ate and slept a few hours later. Not positive on this though.

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