Help With Routine Order

  1. Help With Routine Order

    I've been out of the gym for a while, I'm looking to start again.

    I can't remember which body parts to work in /on which order/day.

    I would like 5-6 day/week routine.

    If someone could tell a good order Mon-Fri or Mon-Sat laying what body parts should go on what day, that would be great. I can also make the gym on Sunday if it makes for a better routine.


  2. Just check out some of the routines guys have going on here in dif threads, they will give ya some suggestions on how you may want to do it, but there's no SET way that is perfect. It's just up to you

  3. I think suncloud, Omen, Thomas n some of the others have posted a lot on this ones.

    but it depends on your outcome really,
    - fat loss?
    - muscle gain?
    - strength and power gain?
    - foundation?
    - endurance and fitness?

  4. it depends on what your most "lagging" body part is. if you want to bring up a certain body part, train it at the beginning of the week. the most common split looks something like :

    M - chest/tri's
    T - back/bi's
    W - abs/cardio
    Th - legs
    F - shoulders

    personally, its not quite enough volume for me, but whatever works

    BoyfromAus brings up a good point though. you might want to do heavy foundation work (deadlifts, clean and press, bench, squats) to develop a platform you can put more muscle on, before you move on to a traditional split.

  5. I also need help, i've been searching through this forum but its hard when you're completely clueless like me >.<. I'm 6ft 271lbs, and I'm trying to really cut down. Gained all this weight after tearing my meniscus in the military. I heard that its easier to build muscle if youre fat rather than skinny? So far I have the cardio down, mon-saturday 1hour of elliptical and 30 mins of swimming ( morning cardio ) but somehow I want to incorporate weight training into it. I'm not looking to be big but to have strength/cut. Any input would be greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance.



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