Tony Little Gazelle freestyle?

  1. Tony Little Gazelle freestyle?

    I just ordered one with free shipping from need something to replace walking( low intensity cardio) to be able to do it in the house to save time....every good elliptical was priced over $1, at $199 delivered to my house, it's a good deal......

    It looks promising.... anyone have one?

  2. That looks wrong in so many ways.

  3. Does it come with a pony tail and a ****eating grin?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    Does it come with a pony tail and a ****eating grin?
    He might be a douche but it looks like a nifty machine.

  5. Hey Omen!
    I bought one for my wife for Christmas last year. STOP, I know what everyone is thinking. She specifically asked for it for Christmas. Anyways, I think she used it maybe 3 times. I have used it way more than her. I mean, it is not the same kind of motion you use on an elliptical, it is different, there is no movement in the knees at all, just swinging the hips straight legged. It works and is sturdy, you just have to get used to the movements. That being said, I dont think you will get as good a workout as you would with an elliptical, but it is decent never the less.

  6. Most reviewers said it's pretty much like walking, which is what I'm looking for, looking for 2 hours a day with this thing..........

    As long as you don't become a Tony little, we'll see, getting it on saturday...

  7. Never had one but i tried it didnt really care for it ill stick to the treadmill.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Erik L View Post
    Never had one but i tried it didnt really care for it ill stick to the treadmill.
    I'd rather have a treadmill too, I'd rather be swimming or walking actually, but you know how much a basic working treadmill costs? atleast $500+

  9. Assembled and used it last night for one hour and an hour this morning.

    It's a good machine so far, you can't do HIT on it (unless you're average cardio wise...or a little bit less) but you can go pretty fast.......broke a sweat and it was around 60 outside....inside too.....

    Very a machine costing $1,000 up, no flimsiness here(Freestyle, the edge model is flimsy)

    Movement took about 20 minutes to get used to, after that, I was gazellin just like tony......assembly took 30minutes.

    Overall 10/10 it fits the criteria for me, fun cardio, sturdy, cheap ($189 delivered at the door from Amazon.)....If someone wants an update, I'll write one in 3 months, I'm aiming for 2-4 hours everyday.

    If Tony Little wasn't such a dumbf*ck on TV, they would be taken more seriously, because they're very good machines at a very reasonable price, a similar quality machine (eliptical, Treadmill or rower) would cost at least $500, if not $1000...


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