When and how for max fat loss cardio?

  1. When and how for max fat loss cardio?

    So I usually run 1-2x per week, but would like to increase to about 5x per week as i am about to switch to cutting. Im wondering on workout days at what time is it best to run? in the morning? before my work out? or after?

    Also very importantly, how should i run to burn max fat. because I know its HITT cardio, but is their a certain ratio of sprint/walk time that burns fat best?

  2. help please?

  3. Well, I know HIIT in the morning for about 10-20 mins can be awesome, since it ups your metabolism for I believe 24 hours after you are finished. Usually it is: Sprint 10 seconds, run 50, sprint 10, etc...

    There are MANY ways you can do it though, but that's the concept. Run-Sprint-Run-Sprint-Run-Sprint

    It's also best to run for about 30-45 mins post-WO.

    Running in the morning on an empty stomach is better for fat burning, but if you are going to do HIIT, then you want some BCAAs in you, and I personally wouldn't advise it and hate doing it, lol. If you were to do a normal fasted run in the morning though, 30-45 mins would be good.

    EDIT: Since you're starting cutting, a fatburner would be a little boost you may want Leviathan Reloaded/DCP is an awesome stack from what I hear. I only take Leviathan Reloaded, and I frikkin love it.

  4. Fasted morning cardio wether HIT or "regular" running, whith some Lev Reloaded and DCP in your belly!

  5. One thing I personally can't do is fasted-HIIT. It's all about intensity, and half-arsed HIIT really won't get your body as revved as a fully-loaded HIIT session later on. My $0.02 .

    Also there isn't an exact ratio that works best, (probably is somewhere in the literature) but you need to get yourself up to a high intensity. I like 30s hard/60s recovery, for 10 sets. On the elliptical I bump the resistance up to 19, then recover at 15.

    Also some sort of fat-burner pre-WO would be nice. http://www.nutraplanet.com/product/p...d-90-caps.html is definitely a good pick.



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